Round 5 4 6 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"I could never hold my liquor very well, and I'll always regret that drunken spat I had with your aunt-- I compared her to a counterfeit dollar!"

Al Gore
Barry Gibb
Brad Pitt
Cat bird
Chain store
Cherry pie
Course IV
Course VI
Course VII
Dump truck
Far East
Food chain
Funny bone
Garden hose
Gary Cole
Gold Rush
Green Bay
Ground beef
Head rush
Hockey stick
Holy Ghost
Jack Benny
Knee biter
Leg cramp
Light rain
Mary Hart
Mary Kay
Mary Wickes
Phone bill
Pop star
Postal carrier
Pretty soon
Rain Man
Red ant
Riding habit
Right lane
Roast beef
Sap flow
Side pocket
Spare tire
Stolen car
Stop sign
Tang Hall
Wine cellar