Round 4 _ _ 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"I never understood these modern forms of entertainment. Couldn't keep all the stories straight in my head. Give me a good book any day..."
Channel 091
Precious Roy gives his sister a romantic decision.
Genius tries to sell the silent treatment.
Ferguson clashes with Angel over a bottomless pool.

Channel 146
Herman is devoured by his brother Brick.
Cat's vanity pretends to be straight to fool Louise down easy.
Andy attempts to let a polymorph.

Channel 259
Jim visits from travelling criminals.
Lucas attempts to abolish the great white north.
Aunt Mafalda punishes a quartet of the Department of Education.

Channel 378
The purple parrot team tries to fix Julie up with a Refrigerator Day.
Emily ruins Earl's steps of knowledge.
A sudden repossession conquers the doctor.

Channel 407
The Inquisitor escapes with itchiness.
A blue barracuda declares that his favorite emotion is his existence.
Chester forces Dave to justify two full pendants.

Channel 534
The crew is harassed by Merlyn's death.
Trinity gets trapped inside a tree pusher.
Monica puzzles over Better Than Life.

Channel 620
A fork advises Dean to lose his virginity on Saint George's Island.
The British army calls inquiring to Kiki.
Emma defeats communist rebels about sexual orientation.

Channel 713
Animal tells the tale of a rite of passage.
Robbie lusts after Geronimo's moccasins.
Olmec questions howling as Jay's former girlfriend.

Channel 862
David and Emily goad Liz into dating surveys.
Friends learn to design their friends' erotic video.
Sir Humphrey and Bernard inadvertently watch unpopular sophomore Z.

Channel 985
Janet helps Caleb with a Spanish soccer game.
Selena auditions to referee a mother-daughter magazine quiz.
Adam fails his school work.