Round 3 5 1 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


Sure, for the same price you could catch three movies at LSC, but all your favorite movies are playing at the Boston Common!
Fresh out of prison, a retarded vampire hunter chases his prey through the gritty streets of a future Los Angeles.

Prospects of a dry future find our heroine ditching her straight-laced ways, fraternizing with a local grunge-rocker, and working in the phone sex industry.

A kung-fu fighting Vietnam vet, aged prematurely, returns from the dead in an unlikely form.

Doomed to roam the earth, a pirate tries to warn his girlfriend of danger in this adaptation of an underground comic.

A wild fraternity, after moving into an old Victorian, invites the whole school over for a bash.

Trapped in a hick town, a television starlet grieves over her recently lost family by inspecting the seedy underbelly of her town.

While trying to make it big in the music scene, a prostitute on Pago Pago grows closer to her estranged brother.

A rookie policewoman's actions lands a crook's gun in the possession of an urban superhero often found gossiping at a Louisiana beauty parlor.

The bride of an alcoholic wharf manager raises an orphan while dating a neurotic comedian.

A former street hustler and religious convert must join the Dragons of Heaven and save humanity in this comic book adaptation.

A storybook princess, unable to tolerate her husband's impotence, heads off to a ski resort for the holidays.

Headed for Broadway after success on a New England stage, a band of black pioneers worries about their future after graduation.