Round 3 3 2 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


Your uncle always wanted to own a hotel at MIT.

Part One

Something is wrong with two of the phrases below. The others are near prominent objects, but something is wrong with two of those objects, as well. The first wrong thing clues the second wrong things, which form the answer to this section.

Part Two

Take the sidekick of the person mentioned by James Russell Lowell.

Remove any of the initials of the June 1830 surveyor.

Remove the first occurrence of the largest substring that is also a substring in 'the place for curing fish.'

Find the largest occurrence of rhenium's atomic number. Find the element nearest to this and take the symbol for the element that is southeast of it on the periodic table and add it to the end of the string.

If the number of rivets in the giant thimble is odd, remove from the string the symbol that would have the highest atomic number. If it is even, add the symbol for the element whose atomic number is the same as the number of rivets to the beginning of the string.

Margaret Fuller uses one word more than any other here. If that word has an even number of letters, add the state postal abbreviation that is nth place on a list of states in increasing order of area to the end of the string. If it has an odd number of letters, remove the reversal of the postal abbreviation for the nth state on an alphabetical list of states.

Subtract from the year of the Cambridge Chronicle snippet the year of the most recent surveyors map of Cambridge. Delete the letter that in that position in the string.

Part Three


image - part 3 of the puzzle

Part Four