Round 3 1 2 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


Material goods! Collect material goods!
painted polka-dotted styrofoam sandy in the original packaging wooden
wicker with the original receipt tesselated retractable corrugated reflective
based on a cartoon character containing tungsten askew deep-fried illegal for a 17 year old to obtain from Atlantic City
crystalline monochromatic from any Monopoly set tasty caffeinated woolen
made by a 17 year old chocolate from the Diesel cafe Vietnamese vegan mauve
ceramic liquid-filled comically-oversized threadbare inscribed with a team member's name or initials hand-sewn

For the given grid above, you score points based on the number of adjectives in contiguous squares that describe an object that you bring to us. The formula is shown below:

5*(number of contiguous squares)(number of contiguous squares - 1)

Contiguous squares must share a side, not just a corner; there may be hollow areas inside a contiguous set of squares.

If you have NO item for a square it counts as -5 points. You may use each square ONLY once.

In order to complete the scavenger hunt, you must earn 400 points. When you have completed your set of items, call us to set up an appointment to have your items checked.