Round 1 6 6 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"While going through Uncle Pennybag's closet, I realized just how bad his taste in clothing was. Additionally, the rank odor of the mothballs was so strong I began to list to one side. However, I still think the polyester was a greater assault on my senses; I didn't even know that plaid came as a pink and green combo. Hanging in this closet is a picture of him in Bermuda shorts but his socks are black! Well, I'd bring all of this stuff to Goodwill, but this stuff was never in style, retro or not."
This angel eventually splits from the "Fall Guy" causing a major earthquake.

This author and "Poseidon Adventure" veteran used her hands to swim the others to safety against anything that ship had to offer.

It is likely that Mr. Cugat spent some time up front in a rumbleseat with this tacky "Love Boat" regular.

Mallory just didn't get any satisfaction and was painfully and unmercifully lambasted in the press.

This former bath house singer found a second career but kept the wind beneath her wings from becoming a hurricane.

I could have rounded her husbands to a perfect 10, but this plump actress got her husbands and Oscar to have the number 8.

If only the tornado had landed a house on this Oscar-nominated (ha!) talentless sister of Meg just leaving behind her heels.

If you look at the cavalcade of sitcom starts, not since Patty Duke has an actress played twins like this friend.

Many men wanted to be shipwrecked with this cruise director, but not even the tugboat could steer her from the coke.

Whether as Phyllis or shopping with the girls from the "Facts of Life," this simple actress will always be Lafarge to me.

This actress never mentally recovered from the theft of one husband by Cleopatra; however, without her, we simply wouldn't have had Leia.

This sappy and overdone Mormon has had many husbands (which is not very good), and hopefully the opportunities for her on daytime TV will dry up.

This lady who liked the philosophy of Aristotle was never put out by the pants of the white house pets.

Was it fair that that Blue Moon detective eventually parted from this pregnant cover lady for Vanity Fair?

With a nice Reynolds wrap from her now enemy, you could help this "Nurses" star overcome gravity in the worst way.

Robin Wright has caused a fright and replaced this glitzy girl in Spicoli's life.

Make room for this daughter whose hubby had Halloween-like freaks on his show every day for 20 plus years.

Blake Edwards never rejected this girl who supposedly did novel things under the cover of dark.

Any period of time with this angelic ogre would make me click my heels together.

We can wonder if Anne's lack of talent and same gender drew her to this icon and bender of rules (whose movies all bore me).

Isabella's mommy must have loaned her those pretty features, but oh brother, did she really deserve an Oscar for that train movie?

She was a perfect compliment to Fred Gwynne plus she didn't have to clean a window or fluff a couch in that house.

This hawker of wares was hit by a flood of orders because of her popularity (plus her good looks made "Step by Step" a hit).

Out of the blue lagoon, it would be a treat to play a trick on this Princeton girl.

Well, maybe someday Texaco Star Theater will drag out a brassiere or some old reruns before we rear and cry "Uncle!"

"The Chad" has had irreconcilable differences because he could not please nor change his love for this lady.

She must fancy music because of Andre and Frank, but she has to protect her 12-year-old adoptees.

Count Rugen's lady could get a nice pin at a shop for Halloween.

This clerk marked down all the information about the stand-up philosopher, but did she serve leftovers when she was a babysitter on "Malcolm in the Middle?"

This lady runs through the London fog to take her morning train.

I remember her dark hair and complexion before this former Laker girl began doing all her MTV dances.

Now that she's around, Brad doesn't have the chance to snore but he gets to show up on "Friends" in fashion.

This matronly chanteuse didn't choke on a chicken bone, nor a hotdog from Oscar Meyer neither.

In the aftermath of the 1980's, it looks like we can reflect and say, "She's so unusual."

This veteran of "Laugh-In" hasn't yet given the finger to Hollywood, but she may soon be passed by her almost famous daughter.

Catholics had a nightmare when this singer tore up a picture of the Pope and started a new problem for "SNL."

It is a tragedy that this playboy model (groan) is the least talented of the most powerful family of the MTV set.

I could be a little bit kind, but this Vineyard regular probably thinks this line is about her.

Well, Clint need not reject any more women from his old harem now that he has this former soap star.

She's still trying to keep her career going after all these years, but "Spin City" gave her a lift as Paul's hot mom.

The pairing of this down-and-out singer with Derek Jeter was laughably wrong, but this doll has other problems now.