Round 1 3 6 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"I think my hearing may be going. It's a good thing my eyesight is as sharp as a tack."
Mennonite churns suggestively, delivers obscene gesture, and sweats. A lot.

Rockers encounter everyday problems, eat candy for inspiration, smile at camera.

Man dances down sidewalk which lights up with his steps.

Giant apocalyptic monkeys attack graveyard; British frontman is disturbingly unfazed.

Artist hangs naked from the ceiling, machine rotates pig's head, and [scene missing].

Animated cop fires bullet into reality, breaks numerous items in slow motion.

Supermodels smoke, bathe, and lip-sync to vocals by absent singer.

Four identical lead singers in different shirts enjoy a winter car ride, hang out window.

Girl tiptoes through tire store and down street, breaks into elaborate production numbers.

Disfigured castle owner smashes mirrors, makes promises to girl as he watches her levitate.

Man lies on ground, encourages onlookers to join him as band plays above.

Wedding-dress-clad singer cavorts in gondola, admires lion-faced man.

Bored youngster watches television with monkey, annihilates couch.

Cubist-style animated workers have got to move refrigerators.

Rapper dresses up as schoolteacher, president, and Marilyn Manson; taps screen for attention.

Singer struts in front of four dancing clones and African tribal footage.

Trio in orchard discuss their favorite fruit, fend off attacking ninjas.

Singer flanked by Austrian bikers emulates Mozart.

Seventies-style cops chase baddies, eat donuts. Sir Stewart Wallace guests as himself.

Artist vents to psychotherapist, rejects Science and anything Scientific; doctor falls in lake.

Singer's face turns into fish, ice, and fruit, and gets hit by bumper cars. Oh, and headless chickens dance.

Grunge band rock the school gym; anarchist cheerleaders and bleachers full of students encourage them.

Little man opens box, finds flesh-conducting pipe; his chair keeps floating away and his head melts.

Norwegian hottie pulls girl into grainy comic book, saves her from wrench-wielding assailants.

Ice cream man drives through desert, admires amorous teens, repaints truck eccentrically.

Men in strange barrel-like suits slap each other to music, puffy primary-colored men jump around.

Funkster in large hat dances on conveyor belt floor; eventually couch starts bleeding.

Unlikely celebrity dances, prances, and flies through swanky hotel.

12-12: 8
8-8: 4
15-13: 2
4-5: 3
16-5: 5
11-5: 9
4-13: 4
13-7(w/o the number): 9
36-7: 7
11-15: 4
11-23: 5
10-15: 10
8-19: 4
14-10: 3
3-8: 2
10-14: 6
16-6: 13
8-9: 3
7-11: 7
5-12: 4
13-6: 7
12-15: 9
6-8: 1
7-20: 5
8-13: 4
11-8: 5
5-13: 4
9-4: 6