Purple hotel 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


..., Thomas. 1751-1806. British cabinet-maker.

Need to put the six answers in order?

First, you'll need a large cabinet with nine cubbyholes, all lined up in a row. Second, take six slips of paper with the various answers on them. Then, like so many American industrialists these days, enlist the help of some high-ranking governmental officials: the Vice President, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Commerce.

Begin in front of the rightmost cubbyhole. Bend space until the leftmost of the nine cubbyholes is on your right.

Now, move four cubbyholes to the right, find the slip of paper or politician that comes first alphabetically, and insert it into the cubbyhole in front of you. (When alphabetizing the politicians along with the answers, only consider their last names.) Repeat this process until each answer and politician is in its own cubbyhole.

Restore space to its original full-and-upright position. Excuse the politicians and thank them for their time. The slips of paper should now be in order from left to right.