Purple C 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


You and your uncle bridged the generation gap quite nicely, thanks to all of your similar interests: spending hours of hard work to scrounge up a miniscule amount of money, your love for cryptic crosswords... the list goes on and on.
After solving, stack the indicated entries as they appear in the grid.

 1   Oil conglomerate chairman retiring around the second of April
 4   Order to attack boards
 8   In chemistry, pour calcium chloride, for example
 11  Hot liquid swallowed by doctor
 12  On a battlefield, moving in strict order
 13  Bugs hunter with sound of indecision on the far side of tree
 14  Turn around uncool Greek
 15  Cross through Georgia (the country)
 16  Is allowed to ring clinic
 17  Confused, eats a novel
 20  Holly's debut, in "The Piano"
 21  Director is one who does battle for others
 24  Suggested title for a Stephen King book
 25  Retreating lines left our rear exposed
 26  Soda bottles beginning to hiss and lose air
 28  Television network's unusual pens
 29  Empty copper had some doughnuts
 31  Absorbed by Kevin Kline film shown backwards
 33  Like grains falling in an hourglass
 34  Captured by half-crazed Trojan War figure
 35  Pound sign, used by Zorro, gives period a break
 36  Principal feature of Roman doorways
 37  Slimy fish with hint of dill inside
 38  Pluck the strings of a Jamaican musical instrument

 1   Conclusions reflected intelligent pattern of behavior
 2   Southern State University begins with a pop
 3   Slide made from photograph at hearing
 4   Catch forty deer by listening
 5   Made up Dutch export
 6   One candle moved a nation
 7   Bowl heated in the oven before most of ice cream melted
 8   Tightly grasps Pontiac's tail-lights
 9   Renovated worn key to the city
 10  Futuristic movie centered around chromosome sample
 18  General disorder, at worst
 19  Andy's partner holds Tad's father up to get tiny swimmers
 20  "The Sound of Music" set against "Air Supply"
 22  Spoken language: Polish
 23  Maniac blamed for pandemonium
 24  I also address this to a center of activity
 27  Initiated laughter with Britishism
 30  Marines discussed part of a nuclear reactor
 31  It's how you find a website describing a river in Europe
 32  Cure sickly color