Green hotel 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"Boy, when you die at the palace, you really die at the palace!"

In case you're having trouble arranging these seven words in their proper order, your head architect may be able to help. Unfortunately, she's trapped in a dungeon beneath Caesar's castle.

Your architect starts at the large red S (for Start), and she'll only move when you tell her to. Put the seven answer words in a specific order and then read through them letter by letter. When you reach an N, S, E, or W, you should tell your architect to move one space north, south, east, or west, respectively. If your architect ever shares a space with a key, even if you're mid-word, she'll pick it up. With a key, she can pass through the gate; without it, she'll have to treat the gate like any other wall.

If you've put the words in the right order, your architect will race through the maze, wind up on the lawn, and do it all without hitting any walls. If you've put the words in the wrong order, your architect will smash into a wall, bleed profusely, and die alone in the dark.