Dark Blue C 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


It seems that in his later years, old Uncle Pennybags was not as lucid as when he was younger. The following paragraph was found alongside his lucky green palm tree swizzle stick and his trusty brass lantern. Hopefully you can make some sense of it.

The odd disappearances, the mysterious dissolution of regions sacred to the Circle, the lessening of the Powers -- these could only be his handiwork. This is the last day of your $599 London Getaway Package, and you're determined to soak up as much of that authentic English ambience as you can. A ghostly full moon is rising, and a tall iron gate between two pillars bars the way into the courtyard. In other cases, objects and even citizens have been transformed overnight into strange mutations of their previous selves. The rather ridiculous western outfit you are wearing was the only thing you could find at the costumer's on such short notice, but it's out of place only for its relative sobriety and taste in this crowd.