Cyan B 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


"I'm commonly considered as a titan of the industry," your uncle once wrote, "and, as such, people feel I'm unqualified to play games. Piffle! I practiced my skills against hundreds of regional players, colony after colony, before going on to challenge-- and defeat! --a mighty gorgon."
    a1-b1 a7-b7
    b1-b3 b7-c7
    a1-c1 g1-g2
    b3-b2 g1-e3
    b3-c4 g2-e1
    c1-d1 a7-c6
    e1-f1 c7-d7
    g7-g6 c6-e4
    g7-e6 e4-f5
    d7-f6 b7-d7
    g6-e7 c7-b7
    e6-c6 e3-g3
    c6-d4 g3-e5
    d7-c5 f5-g7
    c7-a7 e4-d2
    b2-a4 e1-g1
    b7-a5 f1-g3
    c5-e3 c1-a3
    e3-g2 f6-g4
    a7-a6 e5-g5
    d4-f4 b3-d4
    e7-g6 a3-b3
    d2-e4 b3-c1
    a5-b4 c1-a1
    a3-a2 d1-f3
    g5-f7 e4-d2
    g6-e7 g2-e1
    g7-e6 d2-b1
    e7-c5 g3-e5
    g1-e2 e5-d7
    f3-f1 f4-f6
    e2-c1 d4-f4
    c4-d6 f4-d4
    e6-c7 g4-e3
    c7-e7 d4-f3
    d6-f5 c5-c7
    f5-d6 e3-c5
    b1-d1 d6-f4
    f6-d4 f3-e5
    a3-c4 f4-d3
    c5-b7 e5-e3
    b4-c3 e3-f5
    c3-a3 f5-g3
    d3-b1 g3-g4
    d4-c6 g3-e4
    c6-d4 g4-g6
    d7-e5 g6-e6
    c7-b5 f7-d6
    b5-d3 e6-c7
    d4-e2 e7-g7
    d3-b2 c7-e7
    e2-g4 e7-c6
    e4-g2 c6-d4
    g4-f6 d4-f4
    b2-d2 d6-e4
    g2-g3 b7-d6
    d2-d4 d6-d7