23rd Annual MIT Mystery Hunt

The 2002 Mystery Hunt was based on the game Monopoly. The instructions, puzzles, and figures can be found below.


The main instructions were available to everyone from the beginning. These included the introduction and the structure of the hunt, along with some general guidelines about participating and some references for different puzzle types.

We also have a page describing instructions given to teams who reached the final stages of the hunt, which also includes links to some of the miscellaneous puzzles.

The Main Puzzles

These puzzles are also listed by title.

Board Puzzles
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8

House and Hotel Puzzles
Dark Blue


The 2002 Hunt had eighty-three puzzles (not counting one or two unintentional additions), more than any other previous Hunt. The winning team found the coin after 41 hours and 29 minutes.

Board Puzzles

House and Hotel Puzzles

The Law Offices of Stetson, Mayer, & Co. were:

Roger Barkan, Jennifer Berk, Jamie Coffin, Jacinta Conrad, Ann Jones, Ray Jones, Dan Katz, Kiran Kedlaya, Rose Koch, Albert Lin, Brian Litofsky, Chris Morse, Dave Savitt, Brian Tivol, and Dave Tuller