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The Realm of Unspeakable Chaos

...once again boycotted the Olympics this year, citing its "continued opposition to organized sports." The displacement of the R.U.C. flag left a gaping hole in this year's retinue:

Magare suldy fogu ut py drel amela at Blagre nasti onli dor Suldy py moldyn zudure nasti gonsi pon Moldanre nasty pransy tus
Dril py moldin korore naste wonde dar Suldare magi onlil tos Podoleg py sulde amelare nasti okiro ot Nasty py magy prasure sulde anmele dak
Magare blyg fongy um Magare blyg danu ut py bleg uta at Suldare dryl zudyl ut py dryl adenu ut
Suldi py blig py nasti oilore drel manlel ram Nasty py magy py blyg durure sulde uyta at Magare moldyn zudu ut py dryl fogyl ut Bleg py molden malare naste wonde sar
17 8 10 6 16

3 18 5 13 11 7 4

12 14 1 15 2 9