Spookiness Rating: 6


Center for the Prevention of Paranormal Conspiracies
"Spooking the Spook Spooks Before They Spook You"


To All Operatives:

As you have no doubt heard, our top agent, Parry Normal, has vanished while investigating an otherworldly conspiracy. Suspiciously, shortly after his disappearance, his office mysteriously caught fire. Most of his work was ruined; however, we were able to salvage notes on sites he suspected as part of the conspiracy, and a curious diagram of unknown provenance. His notes ended with the following:

"...the diagram's meaning is at last clear. At last I know the center of the conspiracy. Tomorrow I shall investigate it myself."

We at headquarters are in need of your assistance. The conspiracy must be stopped! Parry's work must not have been done in vain!

Here are Parry's remaining notes.

...college library, believed haunted by librarian in stacks at night, watching people. Curious; why would she be watching except to get information?

...eight-gated "Spider Gate" cemetery, considered deadly -- said that no one has ever made it to the eighth gate. Dangerous place, just the sort of hangout for nasty spirits, I should think.

...fellow named Lysander tips tables over at a place called Moonlight Inn. Sounds dubious, but worth following up on.

...ghost of a 2-year-old child named Doris in St. Stephen's Cemetery, sometimes with parents. They've even got the children in on this one...

...lighthouse keeper of Minot Lighthouse, said to haunt after lighthouse was destroyed in a storm while main lighthouse keeper was gone for provisions. A shady character -- why would he leave his post in a storm?

...witch called "Wonderful" (17th century) appears near Swallow Cave. Apparently helped in an Indian defeat. Obviously experienced with planning assaults!