Mystery Hunt 2001
The Hunt of Horror

In 1701, a woman named Agatha Winchester was accused of witchcraft. Townspeople had claimed to see her transform into the form of snakes or spiders, and had described times where she seemed to employ extrasensory perception. The "trial" was swift, and the punishment was to be burned at the stake. The burning was done on January 15 in what is today Lobby 7. As the flames grew around her, Agatha was heard to curse the land where she was burned. Witnesses claim she threatened to have her greatest revenge three hundred years hence. Throughout the history of MIT, people have reportedly seen a black-clad woman staring at them as they have crossed the campus. Many of these people suffered accidents a few days later, and, in a few cases, some have even died. You may be even to smell the burning wood as you pass through Lobby 7.

When the flames receded, there were no ashes to be found. Instead there was left on the smoldering embers a deep green stone. According to local gossip, this stone was the source of Agatha's power. Unfortunately, the stone was lost, and, to this day, its whereabouts are unknown. Some dismiss the tale of Agatha Winchester as legend. We do not. Our research has led us to believe that unless the stone is recovered, MIT will be subject to a supernatural disaster of epic proportions. With your help, this catastrophe can be averted.

You will need to summon four entities. An entity may be a real person (living or dead), or may be one created by humans (say, from fiction or mythology). Once they are all present, they will give you the information required to find the stone. Each summoning requires you to perform a ritual in three parts:

  1. construct an object of sacrifice, and place it in the mystic circle at our headquarters
  2. speak the name of the entity to be summoned
  3. have at least five team members intone together the phrase of summoning

Each entity, of course, requires a different specific object and a different specific phrase. Our research has uncovered texts that provide clues necessary to determining the components of the four rituals. Each ritual has thirteen associated "puzzles". The thirteenth puzzle in each set, when deciphered correctly, will give you complete instructions as to how to construct the sacrificial object. The other twelve will be used to determine the entity's name and phrase. How these twelve will be used is for you to discover. (The thirteenth puzzle may or may not be used in conjunction with the twelve.) We strongly suggest working on the thirteenth puzzle as soon as you receive it, since, once you solve it, you will need to build something.

We do know that the different sets of puzzles seem to be attuned to different areas of "horror":

  1. Creatures
  2. Horror Fiction
  3. Phobias
  4. The Supernatural

This may or may not be helpful in solving the different puzzles or determining the specifics of the ritual. We can also tell you that the answers to the first twelve puzzles in the first two rituals are all single words. Whether this holds for the last two rituals is for you to determine. We have also estimated the scariness of the different puzzles. While we doubt that any of you will be harmed during the course of your investigation, certain puzzles may not be for the faint of heart. Each puzzle has a rating from 0 to 10, where 0 is suitable for all ages, and 10 would frighten Agatha Winchester herself. Feel free to ignore the ratings ... if you dare.

Keep us posted on your progress. Only those pure of heart can perform the rituals; hence we cannot tell you solutions outright. However, we can make sure you are on the right track. Good luck. And keep the lights on. You don't know who ... or what ... lurks in the dark.