Reading the End Trails

Now that you've summoned all four entities, we feel we should inform you that each of them has an unusual quirk. One always tells the truth, one always lies, one alternates truthful statements and lies, and one copies the truth value of the previous statement (that is, if the last person to speak told a lie, the copier will also tell a lie).

The alternator's first statement may be the truth or a lie. If the copier speaks immediately after a statement which it is impossible to determine the truth value of, such as "This statement is false,"
he or she may either lie or tell the truth. The entities will be discussing their quirks, and also giving you information that will help you sort out the list of instructions you've just been given, which, once corrected, will help you find the place you need to go next.

This statement is false.

Jeanne Dixon: The Blob sometimes lies.
Sigmund Freud: But he doesn't lie all the time.
The Blob: Sigmund, under the right circumstances, you could say that about anyone.
Jeanne Dixon: Ignore any instructions that contain the word "heel" hidden within consecutive letters.
The Blob: Exchange instruction 23 and the second-to-last instruction.
Mary Shelley: Counting this statement, exactly four of the six statements spoken so far have been true.
Sigmund Freud: Ignore instruction 6.
The Blob: If Mary Shelley were speaking now instead of me and claimed to be the alternator, you would still not have enough information to solve the puzzle.
Jeanne Dixon: When exchanging instructions, you should not retain the instructions' original numbering. Instead, you should renumber the list so it always reads sequentially from 1 to 30.
The Blob: Exchange the two instructions that mention non-primary colors of pigment.
Mary Shelley: Exchange instructions 8 and 16.
Sigmund Freud: Ignore any instruction that contains two words that begin with L.
The Blob: Ignore any instructions that contain the word "Onan" hidden within consecutive letters.
Mary Shelley: Exchange the word "paper" and the phrase "a can".
Jeanne Dixon: Reverse the initials in instruction 26.
Mary Shelley: Ignore any instruction that begins with a letter from the second half of the alphabet.
Sigmund Freud: Throughout the instructions, replace the word "left" with the word "right", and vice versa.
The Blob: Exchange instructions 17 and 26.
Jeanne Dixon: Exchange instructions 11 and 21.
Sigmund Freud: Throughout the instructions, replace the word "north" with the word "south", and vice versa.
Mary Shelley: Ignore instruction 9.
The Blob: Ignore any instruction shorter than six letters long.
Sigmund Freud: Ignore instructions 14 and 27.
Mary Shelley: Exchange instructions 6 and 19.
Jeanne Dixon: Remove the prefix "un-" from the beginning of any adjective in the instructions.
Sigmund Freud: Reverse the order of the set of instructions that includes instruction 21 and the two instructions that precede it.
The Blob: Ignore instruction 18.
Mary Shelley: Ignore any instruction whose initial letters, in order, spell a word (with no letters left over).
Sigmund Freud: Ignore any instruction in which the first four words are in reverse alphabetical order.
The Blob: Exchange the two instructions that have the most commas.
Jeanne Dixon: Move instruction 12 to the end of the instructions.


  1. Exiting HQ, go to 4-150.
  2. Go out into Killian.
  3. At the middle of the yard, turn south.
  4. Take the last right, and go straight, passing through a glass hallway.
  5. Climb the stairs until you find yourself on an uneven-numbered floor, then turn right.
  6. Go up one floor at the first left.
  7. Go orange!
  8. Go north and pass a rear entrance.
  9. Turn right and proceed until you reach the end of the corridor.
  10. Go towards the dean and turn south.
  11. Enter, throw something away, recycle a can, recycle paper, then continue in that direction.
  12. Turn left and go through the last door on the right.
  13. Go to the uneven side.
  14. Get a Coke and go downstairs one floor.
  15. Go red!
  16. Pass the elevator, and take the stairway up one flight.
  17. Go yellow!
  18. Go towards the President.
  19. Take the right stairs and the left hallway.
  20. Choose the double-digit building.
  21. At the east-facing window, go downstairs one flight.
  22. Go to a large lecture hall.
  23. Enter the eighth door on the left after the elevator.
  24. Go up one floor, and do not pass the elevator when you exit.
  25. Choose a single-digit building.
  26. Run away from S.D.
  27. Go green!
  28. Turn right after proceeding north.
  29. Go through the red door.
  30. Enter the first door on the right on which the first word on the door doesn't begin with a consonant.