Solution: Blood of the Creatures

Written by Scott Weiss

Each of the six numbers was done in a different color of Del Sol's color-changing nail polish. There are a number of clues to this in the text. The journal writer's name is "Dr. D. Esoll"; if you "doctor" the letters DESOLL (i.e. anagram them), you get DEL SOL. The company is based in Santa Rosa, CA. The writer refers to "changes". The substance was extracted from the claws, or nails. You're told to "identify them". The last sentence tells you to "bring their secrets to light", i.e. sunlight.

By doing some web research, you can identify the six polishes as:

Shooting Star (9)
Blind Date (8)
Ruby Slipper (1)
Duchess (5)
Mardi Gras (2)
Peek A Boo (4)
If you take the appropriate letter from each name (the 9th from Shooting Star, the 8th from Blind Date, etc.), you get the answer streak.