Solution: Agoraphobia

Written by Eric Berlin

The twelve names are the CEOs of various companies, as follows:

Gregory Swienton
Ryder System

Thomas Lewis
Realty Income Corp.

John Welch, Jr.
General Electric

Jean-Pierre Tirouflet

Vincent Calarco
Crompton Corporation

D. Lee McCreary, Jr

Jean-Marie Messier

Jose Collazo
Infonet Services

Ronald Turner
Ceridian Corporation

C. Michael Armstrong

Luis Limon
Grupo Simec

Hendrik Verfaillie
Monsanto Company

Looking up the stock symbols of these companies, you get the following:

Ryder System R
Realty Income Corp. O
General Electric GE
Rhodia RHA
Crompton Corporation CK
ElderTrust ETT
Vivendi V
Infonet Services IN
Ceridian Corporation CEN
Grupo Simec SIM
Monsanto Company MON

The stock symbols, taken in order, spell out two names: ROGER HACKETT and VINCENT SIMMON. These two gentlemen are the CEOs of two more companies: Sensory Science and Cortex Pharmaceuticals. The answer to this puzzle is SENSORY CORTEX.