5.1: A Dozen Dozes (Solution)

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Author: Roger Barkan

As the title suggests, one should look for twelve pairs of words which
differ by a single letter. These pairs are, in approximate
left-to-right order:

PENDANT (on chair), PENNANT (on wall)
CARVEY ("Wayne's World" on floor), CARREY ("The Truman Show" on bookcase)
GLOBE (newspaper on radiator), GLOVE (on bookcase)
PLANT (on bookcase), PLANE (on bookcase)
SNEAKER (on floor by bookcase), SPEAKER (on bookcase)
TARTAN (scarf on bookcase), TARZAN (on wall)
CLIPPER (in bathroom), SLIPPER (on bookcase)
JACKET (in bathroom), RACKET (on floor by fridge)
PLATO (in front of fridge), PLUTO (magnet on fridge)
MONKEY (on fridge), DONKEY (on fridge)
PLUTO (magnet on fridge), BLUTO (John Belushi in "Animal House")
COLLEGE (on poster), COLLAGE (next to poster)

Now imagine a single ("panoramic") shot of the room. In such a shot,
join the two objects in each of the above pairs. These 12 lines 
form the letters of the answer, TITHE.

   PENNANT           |
      |        PLANT----PLANE                   (BLUTO)
GLOBE---GLOVE  |     |      |            |         |
      |        |     |   SLIPPER------CLIPPER      |
      |     CARVEY TARTAN   |            |        MONKEY-DONKEY
   PENDANT                  |            |         |
                         SNEAKER       RACKET      |

Hint 1: Look at the title.
Hint 2: All of the words in question are at least five letters long.
Hint 3: CHAIR and FRIDGE are *not* among the words in question. Keep trying.
Hint 4: One word is used twice. One object provides two different words.