Set 3 Metapuzzle (Solution)

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Author: a group effort

For this metapuzzle, solvers didn't need to rearrange their answers!
Except for 3.5, each answer had the form of a woman's name with an
extra letter attached to the beginning.  Puzzle 3.5 had a blank
answer, and solvers were supposed to fill in this blank.

  3.1  HBO
  3.2  OCHER
  3.3  USABLE
  3.4  RALLY
  3.5  _______
  3.6  LEMMA
  3.7  AROSE
  3.8  SPAM
  3.9  SLEIGH

A common name from the Wizard of Oz with the same format as those
other words is GLINDA.  Inserting GLINDA into the blank and looking at
the initial letters gives you the word HOURGLASS.  Those are the
usernames and passwords for this round.

This metapuzzle was a group effort.  Someone had mentioned that GLINDA
had this format and got us all brainstorming for other words.  We came
up with JAVA, EPAULETTE, PUMA, and all sorts of other words before we
had to settle on a password.  (Brian Tivol spotted UTERI, and there
was much animated discussion over whether or not to include it,
especially when its replacement USABLE was used as the "call our
mothers" puzzle.)  As expected, we did get some improper backsolving
guesses, such as LAVA and SKATE.

(One team looked over the first few women's names they'd collected and
decided that they all must be names of women who appeared in Playboy.
They then began what they called "extensive research".)