3.1: Inner Tube

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W.I.T.C.H. taunts Dorothy, "Don't get washed away like I did. Just try to stay afloat in this puzzle."


1 Talked about depressed straggler

7 From the east, like Fleming

10 Container is placed upside down next to Arizona jewel

11 Big group is swell

15 Come from strip poker, top missing

16 Alcohol, primarily Coors and Guinness

17 Fire rages around Moscow's foremost physicist

18 Companies discharge Russian soldier

21 Computer's electronic brain is built around overthrowing traitor

23 Branch agent

24 Tiger heard gear-cutting tools

25 Southeastern Spanish for "This cares for"

27 Suffers from trimming claws

28 Respond and take the stage again?

30 Kemp is loser of primaries, by a thousand

31 Hebrew lives in house MIT evicted

34 "Broken" debuts in disastrous fashion

36 Oh! Boyfriend sounds like wind

38 Put a page in for each essay

39 Alien planet seen in retracted eyepiece of scuba gear

41 False display of courage lacks commerical approval

43 Transcribes guitar music on bills

45 Layers of top-grade pastries returned

46 Girl fashions lies after episode begins

47 Passed writing implement in middle of street

48 Hidden assassin in Japan!

49 Maine, reluctant as first, relinquishes mode of transportation



2 Possessor of gold and loot dies oddly

3 Working after a concert, blew off the end

4 Heat of battle lies on Mount Hood at the beginning

5 Verbose rambling is a front

6 Repeat performance is overheard on military unit

7 Experts hang ten left skins

8 Channel essences of Braun & Freud

9 Once liked mix on jukebox

12 Principle is pretty good in its current state

13 Criticize second escape

14 A failure, most of Ghana is brown country

19 Listened to someone on the phone rage

20 I spoon out arsenic

22 Bird's home south of a lake

23 Stop! Put train the other way

26 Reagent finally valued after it neutralized a solution

29 Covered in flame, Joan of Arc for one was more pure

32 Code designer or lead scientist overshadowed by author

33 Belief is inside those people

35 Date covered desperado's sheet with Mexican shawl

37 Physicist sounds like a tiresome person

40 Green light turns in front of Los Angeles nut

42 Recite conceited pointer

44 Final interview involves sporting legend