2.5: The Blues (Solution)

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Author: Roger Barkan

It is possible to take one letter from each measure and spell out the
where the number next to a letter indicates which of the five words a
given letter is to go into if there are more than one of that letter
in the measure.  These words can be interpreted to give R, S, E, N,
and S respectively (the MIDDLE of MARCH is R, etc.).  Then, if one
plays the notes associated with each letter of each word, one gets
five tunes.  The lyrics accopanying these tunes are "It's the eye of
the tiger", "This is the end of the innocence", "That's when I saw
him, the Leader of the Pack", "In the middle of the night", and "It's
the end of the world as we know it".  These five phrases similarly
point to the letters I, E, P, G, and D.  Scrambling these ten letters