Set 1 Metapuzzle (Solution)

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Author: Brian Tivol

The answers to the eleven puzzles can be arranged to form two fairly
long chains:

1.10          EMERGENT
1.3     	  GENTLE
1.6     	      LEAN
1.9     		ANGELA
1.4     		  GELATIN
1.8     			 MANAGE
1.5     			    AGES
1.7     			       SIGNOR
1.1     				IGNORANT
1.2     				     ANTHER
1.11    					HERALD

TIN MAN would join the two chains together.  EMERALD is what you get
when you cross out every duplicated letter.  Those two words are our
username and password for this round.

(This was probably the easiest round for backsolving answers.
However, one team had noticed the pattern, figured that EMERALD must
be the password, and tried to backsolve some of the words in the
middle of the chain.  They determined that the GENTLE and IGNORANT
must be connected by LEMONS and MONSIGNOR; if that didn't completely
leave four other words in the cold, it would have been beautiful.)