1.8: Rack Your Brain (Solution)

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Author: David Savitt

The trick to this puzzle is that one is not trying to put the given
_words_ on the Scrabble board -- you're trying to put the _tiles_ on the
Scrabble board.  In fact, there's a unique way to do this (always leaving
the tiles from the previous word on the board):

VINYL: play VINYL horizontally at 13A, forming BALLSY vertically.

BROAD: play BOARD vertically at G11, forming BOS, OR, AM, RE, DE.

MART: play TONEARM vertically at K5 through ONE.

PINCER: play PRESCIENT horizontally at 5C through the S, E, and T
        already on the board, forming ETHANE, STOAI, and NEON

LEAFED: play DEFLEAED horizontally at 15G off of DE.

LIGHT: play GLITCH vertically at N2 through the C already on the board.

It may take some trial and error before solvers figure out what's going on,
since VINYL goes on the board normally.  But then BROAD anagrams to fit
on the board, and no anagram of MART plays, so by that point the solver
should be prepared to look for anything.

The final board looks like:
1         V U G S              
2               T           G  
3               O           L  
4               A b         I  
5     P R E S C I E N T     T  
6         T O     G E O D U C K
7         H A R P O O N     H  
8       B A R   A N N E X      
9       A N E     I   A        
10       L E D   F A   R        
11       l     B O S   M        
12       S     O R              
13 V I N Y L   A M              
14             R E              
15             D E F L E A D    
Each of these six plays covers exactly one "hot spot" (dls/dws/tls/tws).
The letters falling on these spots are, respectively, N, A, M, E, A, and G.
The unique anagram of these six letters is MANAGE.

MANAGE is the answer to the puzzle.

Note: A hot spot was missing from the board in the puzzle, compared to
a normal scrabble board.  The puzzle should be solved with the board
as shown.