1.3: Dorothy Helps a Hack

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"What if he looks up?" Dorothy whispered, pointing at the CP who just wandered into Lobby 7.

"They never look up," said Jack, taking advantage of an opening by planting a vicious cherry bomb at Dorothy's feet. "You're out, Dorothy." Dorothy sighed and got back in line.

Once James took Dorothy's spot on the playing field, J. Arthur stepped on the court. "Hey!" he called out to the CP, "little help?"

The CP chuckled at the simple game and moved on, never looking up, never noticing Thomas and Sigmund high above as they hung a large banner inside the Little Dome with the following two dozen phrases scrawled on it...

ACME rival
Creator of lightbulbs?
Even funnier than LOL :-)
Gray, for one
He did it, she did it
Jejuna followers
Judy Garland, for one
Kelsey's co-star
Loyal to the Scottish
Rosalind, Margaret, or Kip
Seat of Malheur County
Senator's right hand
Separates a Man from his Mancha
She is in Spain?
Sheindlin's rival
Special group or band
Type of office
WGBH production
Wayne portrayer