Mystery Hunt 1996 / Puzzle 10A Solution

If you found the correct path through the puzzle, you would have visited the following pages in order, and gotten the subsequent letters and numbers:

The letters passed in order were:


(where that last letter is either an F or a G, since there's no defined path off the last page)

And if you added the numbers as specified in the directions, you get:


(where the last letter is either a Y or a Z, depending on which path you considered off of the last page).

As per the directions, if you discard the first and last letter, you are left with the answer SOMEWHEREOVERTHERAINBOW.

The Fake-out

The filenames were meant to be somewhat arbitrary, but of course no puzzle hunters would believe that! So, if you followed through the web pages in a certain methodical manner, the filenames (without the .html extension) spell out the following: These filenames are a counterpoint to the true theme of this puzzle, augmenting its scope but not leading to the solution.