Mystery Hunt 1996 / Puzzle 10A

The Instructions

Well, this is an unexpected surprise.
What do you mean?
When we entered the manual, I wasn't sure that when we got to this part that we'd actually be able to enter cyberspace and access all the Web-like interconnections directly, without having to keep clicking to get from one page to another. But look, over there's an entrance into cyberspace that lets us do just that.
You're right...and we can re-emerge into the manual over there, at the other opening. This sure beats trying to keep track of all those links on paper. Are you ready to go in?
Ready when you are.

Listen to the Music

Music is a complicated roadmap of notes and rhythms. It is more compicated still when the map has been twisted around and hidden from sight.

To identify this song, find the path through these pages of music which passes through each page exactly once. At each page, record the number on the page and the letter of the chord marking the link used to exit that page. Once you have found the path, add the number from the last page onto the letter from the first page, the number from the second-to-last page onto the letter from the second page, etc.

In finding the answer, you may ignore the letters and numbers from the first and last page! (Boundary conditions, you know... since there isn't a "correct" link off of the last page.)

You may begin through here