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The 1995 Mystery Hunt was developed primarily by Mark Gottlieb, with help from Pat Rowe, Ming Tsai, Robert Bosch, Dave Bacher, Hareendra Yalamanchili, Brian Young, Brian Schuler, and Maxine Gottlieb. The hunt was based around the game Clue.


As introduced at the beginning of the hunt, Mr. Boddy had come into possession of the priceless Unlucky Coin of Eye Aitch Tee-Ef Pea. Unfortunately, he also discovered that one of his friends was going to kill him for the coin. In order to avoid living in fear, Mr. Boddy invited all of his friends to stay with him in his mansion. Around his mansion, he hid many clues to the whereabouts of the hidden coin. Upon his death (which he was unable to stop), his friends were invited to explore the mansion and solve the puzzles... guaranteeing that the next owner of the coin will have had to earn it! You, one of his ungrateful and greedy heirs, must prove yourself worthy of inheriting the coin by solving Boddy's fiendish posthumous puzzles.


The hunt was approximately 40 puzzles long, and involved quite a variety of puzzles... There were on-line puzzles, video-taped puzzles, a Clue tournament, crosswords, cryptograms, geometrical puzzles, geography puzzles, trivia puzzles, and combinations of the above (and probably quite a few which don't fit into any of those categories either!) The hunt lasted until approximately 4AM on Monday morning, securing its place as the longest hunt on record (over 60 hours total) to date.

The Hunt

The 1995 Mystery Hunt (PDF)

Note: the PDF above does not appear to be complete. If you have any information about this hunt (including how the pieces of this PDF fit together, missing puzzles, etc.), please let us know.

Devjoe's compilation of solutions.